Sign the Open Letter to PantheaCon in Solidarity with Max Dashu

From Max Dashu:

Join us in signing this statement opposing no-platforming, defamation and intimidation, forged by a council that began meeting after I was banned from the Witches Confluence and PantheaCon conferences last year. These purges were in turn fueled by smears spread after the hounding of old lesbians at the SF Dyke March last June. You can read the whole statement at the link, and I hope you’ll sign and share it, helping form a new consensus that misogynist bullying, sexist insults and character assassination are unacceptable. Here’s the bottom line takeaway:

“It is urgent for us to dialogue with each other in good faith. We cannot afford not to, under the current direness the world is facing—the attacks on human rights, on the Earth, and all living beings. We need a coalition more than ever before. This cannot be accomplished by demonizing, name-calling, or by sowing fear and intimidation. We seek justice for everyone, across all the axes of oppression. To do so, we need to re-learn what the ancients knew: how to hold council on a foundation of mutual respect.”

See the full text and sign the petition.

See the full text and sign the petition.

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One thought on “Sign the Open Letter to PantheaCon in Solidarity with Max Dashu

  1. D Elizabeth Cleveland

    Hi There!
    I’ve found this website through some of the womyn I met at OreGaia! I am embarrassed to say it, but because I do work at a university, I am using a variation of my first name. This whole conversation and the news of the violent attacks against us (I’m a lesbian) is new to me. I’m not on facebook and I typically don’t do a lot of web stuff, unless it’s quilting videos or political programming concerning “Spanky Orange Face” in the White House. So I am trying to sort out for myself what I am ready to take on if and when a backlash comes my way. I am not comfortable AT ALL with this feeling! It feels so much like being in the closet–again! I thought those years were decades behind me. Anyway, please forgive me sisters. Between my wife and me, my job is the one that mainly keeps us whole. If I lose it, we have next to no savings; I don’t know what we’ll do. :0(


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