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xxamazons.org is a cooperative effort of three Radical Feminist Lesbians, also known as Amazons. We are concerned with “Ending patriarchy to Re-Create the Female-Centered World.” The Amazons of the ancient world fought against the patriarchal forces that were attacking their matriarchal societies and as XX Amazons we continue their fight.

There are many stories of the wild and wonderful Amazon tribes of ancient times.
One says they lived in what is now Libya, in Africa. They left there and much later Amazons turned up in Scythia, a vast land in Eurasia, where they founded cities and did their best to hold off the advance of patriarchy.

Some think the Amazons were originally priestesses to the Goddess of Ten Thousand names serving in the temples of matriarchal times.

Amazons were skilled in using weapons and riding horses, though rumors that they removed (or had removed as babies) their right breasts to better use their right arms and shoulders seem to be unfounded. In a multitude of art works from ancient times, none shows the Amazons without a right breast.

Organized and governed entirely by women, the Amazons were known as courageous, fierce, fiery, proud, heroic, active, spirited and brave, qualities we see Radical Lesbian Feminists exhibiting today in the face of further patriarchal aggression against us.

Exciting stories and historical indications of warrior women exist in the ancient literature of Egypt, Persia, Caucasia, Central Asia, India, China, Africa, Australia, North, Central and South America. In fact, the stories are on every continent where humans live.

Amazons On The Move by Liza Cowan

Amazons On The Move. Artwork by Liza Cowan.
See more of Liza Cowan’s artwork at www.smallequals.com.

Members of the Suffragist movement in England were frequently referred to as Amazons. The Amazon River in South America was named after them because of a tribe of women an explorer found there. In fiction, Wonder Woman is an Amazon, as is Califia, who ruled a tribe of Black Women living on the mythical island of California. More recently, all the womyn who ever attended the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival during its forty years of existence consider themselves Amazons. Plenty of others who did not attend MWMF also believe Amazon is a synonym for Lesbian or strong woman. Mary Daly wrote of Amazing Amazons. Alix Dobkin sings “A you’re an Amazon”. Maxine Feldman wrote the song Amazon, which opened every Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival The lyrics begin: “Amazon womyn rise.”

xx, stands for the chromosomes of all of us who are born female, as opposed to xy, the male signifiers. An xy cannot become an xx ever, no matter what he wears, how he acts and presents himself, and what he believes or “feels inside”. He can act out his interpretation of feminine, reject masculine, but he is still male and always will be.

A new patriarchal force has emerged over the past half century from an unlikely quarter – the transgender movement. Although many transgender people support basic feminist understandings, the transgender movement, which is dominated by transgender extremists, is attempting to destroy the Women’s Liberation movement.

XX Amazons began in late 2017 as part of the multilayered strategy developed by its creators over the years we have known each other. We come at the problem presented by patriarchy using many approaches including giving workshops, holding conferences and events, radical feminist networking, and now the XX Amazons website.

The three of us met in the mid-90s at a workshop given by Jeanne and Paula. Susan attended, we three Virgos connected. Before long, we held numerous Radical Lesbian Feminist Uprisings near Kansas City and Fayetteville, Arkansas.

We’ve remained “blood sisters” and Radical Feminist activists. We are appalled that men are calling themselves women and getting away with it. We are outraged that female-born women’s space is being attacked by some of those men and by their supporters.

We ourselves were “de-platformed” when a workshop we were to give for biologically female women at the Fayetteville Goddess Festival in 2017 was cancelled. The workshop was about the ways that Lesbians are disappearing, in part due to transactivism. Transactivists and their supporters threatened to boycott, picket, disrupt, and invade the workshop. and The Goddess Festival and its sponsor, the OMNI Center, both succumbed to the pressure.

On this web site, we view the transgender movement as a deadly force that has unfortunately arisen at a time when women and the earth are under extreme assault by a globalized, capitalist patriarchy. Radical feminists and ecofeminists are fighting now for the very survival of Life on earth as climate chaos and the Sixth Extinction descend upon us.

We believe that men who are attempting to pass as “women” deserve civil rights related to employment, housing, education and other societal rights, but not the right to the term woman, and not the right to attack and destroy female-born women’s spaces. We, like most feminists, want to abolish gender. However, we do support the rights of transgender persons to act out masculinity or femininity in their chosen way.

We provide information and resources both to promote and establish female-born space for women and to refute the idea that men can become women. Or, as we put it in the 1980s, “A surgeon’s knife does not a woman make.”

Jeanne Neath, Paula Mariedaughter, Susan Wiseheart
We are XX Amazons!
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