Alix Dobkin on Transgender Issues

Victim Politics: The Tyranny of Hurt Feelings
Deconstruct This
Passover Revisited
Emperor’s New Gender, Part 1
Emperor’s New Gender, Part 2

Radical Feminism

Introduction to Articles on Radical Feminism
The Emperor’s Clothes: A Radical Feminist View of Gender and Transgender by Pelican Lee
Where Has All the Feminism Gone? Teaching Early Twenty First Century “Women’s and Gender Studies” in an Elite Southeastern American University by Batya Weinbaum

Trans Gender Critical

Introduction to Articles on Trans Gender Critical
Understanding the Different Pathways to Transgender by Llora Coatrischie

De-Transitioning & Trans Regret

Introduction to Detransitioning & Tran Regret
She kept a picture of her breasts in the drawer beside our bed (On loving someone with transgender surgery regret)

Davina Anne Gabriel, Transactivist who crashed 18th Michfest regrets becoming transsexual
Background on Davina Anne Gabriel
Davina Anne Gabriel Memorial (statement of regret)
Dear Lesbian Connection
Transsexuals Expelled from MWMF

Women Only Space

XX Amazons is collecting women’s stories about their own experiences with women only spaces. If you would like to share your own experiences and thoughts about women only space, please email your writing to us for consideration. Please keep your stories reasonably short. We are publishing your stories on our web site and may also be creating a booklet. Here are two women’s stories:

Women Only, Lesbian Only Space: Path to Lesbian Feminist Revolution by Jeanne F. Neath
Crocuses & Women Only Space by Copia Webster