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This Powerpoint slideshow will provide you with an introduction and give you key points about the FIST feminist Equality Act. Tina Minkowitz, the creator of the slideshow, is a member of the FIST legal team that created th FIST feminist Equality Act

Download Powerpoint presentation, FIST Model Equality Act: Feminist Amendments to HR5/S788. (Note: you will need software that allows you to view Powerpoint files. Look below to view jpeg images of the slides. Or, you can view or download the PDF version of the slideshow.)

Images of each slide from Tina’s slideshow are shown below. If you need to see larger images, view or download the PDF version of the slideshow.

FIST Model Equality Act
Equality Act
Feminist Perspective
FIST Approach
Issues and Choices
Issues and Choices 2
Discussion/Next Steps
Definition of Sex
Definition of Sexual Orientation
Definition of Sex Stereotyping

One thought on “Feminist Amendments to the Equality Act Slideshow

  1. Mary Rooker

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your approach. I agree with everything except I think we need a separate category for those born intersex rather than trying to place them within the binary. I like Anne Fausto-Sterling’s 5 sexes: female, male, and 3 categories of intersex (“hermaphrodites” who are about 50-50 male/female; “ferms” who are intersex but mostly female; and “merms” who are intersex but mostly male).

    Thank you SO MUCH!


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