The (Trans)Gender Problem Chart

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Use the (Trans)Gender Problem Chart for help in thinking through the many ways that transactivism is creating problems for women, lesbians, children, gay men, and transgender people. This chart can help you strategize about what aspects of the problem you or your activist group want to target. Download this chart, use it, and pass it on to anyone concerned with preserving women only spaces and ending female erasure and transdomination!

The chart is available as a high resolution PDF file to download and print from your PDF reader, as well as a lower resolution JPG file that can be saved to your computer and used in emails or other screen applications.

Download PDF file to print copies of the chart

Click the image below to see a large, easy to read chart.
(This version of the chart is a low resolution JPG image that can be read on your screen or downloaded and used in an email or other screen applications).
The (Trans)Gender Problem Chart