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Acknowledge Lesbian Existence

Hey everyone,

Here is a link to a petition I’ve started re Lesbian erasure.


I decided to write and circulate it not so much because I’m optimistic about changing oppressors’ behaviors, but because I’m optimistic about us. I think that we are amazing, I think we are worth celebrating, and this is an opportunity to remind ourselves of that, for us to give each other the dyke nod.

Also the information in the petition is a nice short concrete example of what we are experiencing to pass on to allies and potential allies, while providing them with an opportunity to be supportive.

I am not on social media so PLEASE PLEASE use your skills to post/ pass on this petition in any way that you are willing. Thank you.

Center on Halsted, Chicago Illinois

Center on Halsted, Chicago Illinois

Here’s the content of the petition:

Acknowledge Lesbian Existence

We exist. Lesbians exist. We and our allies are calling upon the Midwest’s largest LGBTQ community center, the Center on Halsted in Chicago, to acknowledge and change its practice of Lesbian erasure.

The Center on Halsted reports a budget of $7,000,000 for FY2018 and 1,400 daily visitors. In honor of Women’s History Month, it is hosting events in March and beyond “to celebrate womanhood in the LGBTQ community”. And what is this womanhood? ‘Lesbian’ does not appear in any event title or description. Lesbian, and any of her sister words, are gone. Yet we exist. And we resist having our sex and sexuality erased. We call upon the Center on Halsted to acknowledge and change its practice of Lesbian erasure. We exist.

In sisterhood
Anne Leighton

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