What’s Wrong with the Equality Act

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The Equality Act in Congress must be amended before passage. The current version of the act takes rights away away from women and girls and redefines what it means to be Lesbian or gay. (Learn about the Feminist Amendments to the Equality Act which protect women and girls, lesbians and gay men, and everyone who is gender non-conforming, including transgender people.)

Female only facilities will be eliminated. If the Equality Act passes in its current form female only facilities like bathrooms, locker rooms, domestic violence shelters, prisons, hospital rooms and many other will no longer be legal. Any male who considers himself transgender will be considered to be a woman or a girl. Most of these “transgender” males have never had surgery to alter their male bodies. These male-bodied people will be able to go into facilities that are now female only. Imagine the women in domestic violence shelters who may be forced to share a room with a male.

Males will play in women’s and girls sports. Likewise, female only programs like school sports will include any male who says he is a woman or girl. In sports this often results in male-bodied people dominating due to their larger and stronger bodies. Taking female hormones such as estrogen does not alter the body size of the males who take them. Scholarship awards in sports and other fields that are meant for women and girls are all too likely to go to males.

Lesbians will be expected to be attracted to male-bodied people. Most people understand that lesbians and gay men are people who are attracted to others of their same sex. But, when the Equality Act says that anyone can self-define whether they are a woman or man, then the definition of lesbian and gay is changed. Male-bodied people are included in the category woman and female-bodied people are included in the category of man.

How does the current version of the Equality Act do so much damage?

The Crux of the Problem with the Equality Act

The crux of the problem is that the Equality Act enshrines the concept of “gender identity” into U.S. law. Males base their claim that they are women on this concept which was invented by medical professionals in the 1950s and 1960s (Jeffreys) and latched onto by the transgender movement. Using “gender identity” males are able to say they “feel like” women and, with the Equality Act, the recent executive orders issued by Joe Biden and local legislation, PRESTO, their feelings are turned into what we are supposed to believe is reality.

As Tina Minkowitz, one of the authors of the Feminist Amendments to the Equality Act, has explained, with the Equality Act our legal existence as women is at stake! Here’s how this works. The Senate bill explicitly defines sex to include gender identity, saying that each of three factors – sex, sexual orientation, gender identity – is a form of sex discrimination. Here is where women are erased! Gender identity is made synonymous with sex. Discrimination on the basis of gender identity is considered to be sex discrimination.

Thus, the Equality Act makes it illegal to deny males who say they are women access to what have always been female only facilities. The Senate’s Equality Act explicitly states that there can be no female only private personal spaces: “[A]n individual shall not be denied access to a shared facility, including a restroom, a locker room, and a dressing room, that is in accordance with the individual’s gender identity.”