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Here is a quiz to give to your liberal and progressive friends, co-workers and acquaintances! Help them to discover just how unreasonable some of the demands of transgender people are.

Discrimination against transgender people in areas like employment and housing is a serious matter and must be stopped. However, transactivists often make accusations of discrimination where none exists. Transactivists are making the illegitimate claim that male-born transgender people are women. When anyone disagrees, transactivists accuse them of being “transphobic” and discriminatory.

Taking the XX Amazons’ quiz, “Do You Discriminate Against Transgender People?” subtly educates people about the absurdity of some transactivist claims. The quiz is meant as an educational tool to be given to liberals and progressives. The quiz helps those who take it to realize that there is a conflict of rights between women and the transgender movement. When people take the quiz and want to know more, we have a web page available that explains why each of the quiz questions is NOT an example of discrimination against transgender people.

You can download a PDF file of the quiz using the link below and print out as many copies of the quiz as you like. Put copies of the quiz out for people to pick up at your library or pass the quiz out to people you know or at any events that draw a liberal or progressive crowd. There is also a graphic to use on Facebook and other social media. Please help get this quiz out into the public eye and spread the word about the quiz to like-minded women.

Download PDF file  to print copies of the quiz.

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Answering “yes” to any and all of the quiz questions makes perfect sense and is in no way discriminatory toward transgender people. Read here for help in understanding the differences of opinion between transactivists and feminists.

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Quiz - Do You Discriminate Against Transgender People