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Good news can be hard to come by in the U.S. fight against trans domination. When Feminists in Struggle (FIST) adopted their own feminist version of the U.S. Equality Act on October 2, 2019, radical feminists and gender critical allies made a quantum leap forward!

Now that the unamended and very harmful Equality Act is in serious danger of being passed by Congress, it is time for a full scale effort by women to stop its passage and get our Senators and Representatives to consider and adopt the Feminist Amendments to the Equality Act.

See the full document containing the Feminist Amendments to the Equality act and additional resources below.

Tina Minkowitz, a member of the FIST legal team that wrote the feminist alternative version of the Equality Act, explains that one of FIST’s primary aims was to “articulate a feminist position that addresses challenges to women’s political existence and rights, as a result of gender identity ideology.” The legal existence of women, the category of women as biological females, is at stake here. This would be fully legalized female erasure.

FIST has eliminated gender identity from the Equality Act, but retained the protections against sex stereotyping that people with a transgender identity need to be free to appear and act however they wish. Eliminating gender identity is a critical step in protecting women, girls and Lesbians from theft of our identities as women and protecting female only spaces.

FIST has done an outstanding piece of feminist work. The FIST model of the Equality Act is a perfect grassroots organizing tool (and grassroots organizing will be essential to get the FIST model Equality Act introduced and passed in the U.S. Congress). Now it is our turn! We can each unleash our own creativity in getting involved with FIST or other grassroots campaigns.

If you or your grassroots group want to share campaign materials, XX Amazons will display at least some of your letters, succinct campaign materials, and graphics promoting the Feminist Amendments to the Equality Act. Send us an email with the materials you’d like to share.


Resources on FIST’s Feminist Amendments to the Equality Act

Access Tina Minkowitz’s slideshow presentation that introduces and gives key points about the FIST Feminist Amendments to the Equality act.

View “FIST Fights for Women With Equality Act Rewrite”, an XX Amazons blog.

A PROPOSED MODEL U.S. EQUALITY ACT INCORPORATING FEMINIST AMENDMENTS This document on the FIST website contains the complete FIST version of the Equality Act.

Comparison of Original Equality Act (SB 788) and Proposed Model Act Incorporating Feminist Amendments This document was prepared by FIST to help you understand the differences between Congress’s version of the Equality Act and the feminist modifications that FIST has proposed.