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By Jeanne Neath

XX Amazons is setting out to snare liberals. Much of the power of the transgender movement comes from the support of liberals. Some of this liberal support is from liberal trans allies who are deeply immersed in the transactivist version of reality. But, many of the liberals supporting the transgender movement are barely informed about transgender ideology and have no knowledge whatsoever of what radical feminists and other gender critical folks have to say. Let’s call them “No Know Libs.” The No Know Libs don’t want to think through this difficult question. They just want to do the “right thing” and give their support to every minority group. They have been taken in by the line, “everybody knows transgender people are more victimized and oppressed than anyone else.”

Here’s where XX Amazons’ new quiz, “Do You Discriminate Against Transgender People,” comes in. Our quiz asks whether the respondent agrees with seven simple statements that almost anyone who is not a hard core transactivist or over-the-top trans ally would agree with. For example, the first question, written for heterosexual males states, “I am a heterosexual male and I have never dated and would rather not date ‘transwomen,’ especially if they still have male genitalia.” (See the graphics in this blog for more of the quiz questions or view a downloadable PDF file of the entire quiz.)

Questions 1 and 2 from the quiz

Questions 1 and 2 from the Do You Discriminate Against Transgender People? Quiz

The vast majority of people taking our quiz are going to agree with at least one of the quiz questions. When they find out (and they do find out because we tell them) that the transgender movement considers their belief(s) to be discriminatory, most people will experience emotional distress and a realization that there is either a problem with what the transgender movement is saying or with their own belief system.

Some could decide that their own beliefs are problematic and go the way of the devoted trans ally. That would be unfortunate. We believe that many quiz takers will be jarred into a willingness to start thinking more deeply about the problems with claims made by the transgender movement.

At the end of the quiz we do our best to lead No Know Libs into this questioning state of mind. We ask “What’s the score?” and say, “If you checked yes on any of these questions, then the transgender movement would say you are discriminating against transgender people. But is this really discrimination?” We point out that there is a conflict of rights between women and the transgender movement. We invite respondents to the XX Amazons’ website to find out more about the unexpected consequences of claims made by the transgender movement. We have enlightening explanations of the radical feminist viewpoint for each of the questions that should dispell any concerns they have about discrimination.

Quiz questions 3 and 4

Questions 3 and 4 from the Do You Discriminate Against Transgender People? Quiz

Can we transform No Know Libs into the well-informed and questioning people we need them to be? These liberals are victims of the transactivist campaign to silence radical feminists and other gender critics. The “Do You Discriminate Against Transgender People?” quiz can help us help them begin to do some much needed questioning.

Here are some things you can do to help this educational process along. They don’t require very much effort or risk, but should get important thinking and conversation going. Start by acquainting yourself more with the quiz and give some thought to the explanations of the quiz questions. If you want, use this graphic or this smaller graphic to help spread the word about the quiz on Facebook or other social media.

Download the PDF file of the quiz and print copies. If you don’t want people to associate you with the quiz, casually put copies of the quiz out at locations like your public library, health food store or anywhere that has a place to set out literature. If you can risk people associating you with the quiz, give it to your friends or pass it out at events. People have a hard time resisting the chance to take a quiz. Use this quiz as a conversation opener and you can do your own educating about what is happening to women, girls and lesbians.

Postscript: XX Amazons is very interested in knowing about what kinds of responses you encounter when you distribute the quiz. Please let us know how it goes. We always like hearing from you and your feedback about the quiz will be very helpful. Thank you!

Quiz questions 5 thru 7

Questions 5 thru 7 of the Do You Discriminate Against Transgender People? Quiz

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