Come to the XX Amazons’ Uprising 2021!

Please spread the word about the Uprising using email, email lists and word of mouth. Please do not share information about this event on social media because of safety and security concerns. Please be cautious.

Re-Creating the Female-Centered World! Ending Patriarchy, Hierarchy and Male Dominance, All of Which Demand Lesbian and Female Erasure!

Join XX Amazons for festivities and strategizing at this political, cultural, educational, spiritual, female-bonding event. Re-create the female-centered world. Work to end female erasure. Womyn-born-womyn who actively support womxxn-only space, come and celebrate our female and lesbian lives and culture — and the Witch’s New Year!

Thursday, November 11 through Monday, November 15, 2021
In Northwest Arkansas

About the Event

The Uprising will be both festive and serious. As patriarchy escalates its assaults on women and lesbians, we need to gather and plan our resistance.

We want women who are actively involved in ending patriarchal oppression to gather. To advance our work against oppression, we will have community meetings and workshops where we strategize and organize. These will include ending Lesbian and female erasure as well as assaults on womxxn-only spaces.

Workshops and festivities focusing on recreating the female-centered world are equally important. (Some example are: workshops on goddess spiritualities; building multi-racial, multi-ethnic lesbian cultures; nature awareness; female-centered indigenous cultures; womyn’s land; anti-racism; matriarchal cultures of the past; or whatever else is of interest to you.)

At the Uprising you will find workshops, singing, drumming, strategizing, organizing, good food and plenty of powerful womyn and lesbian energy.

We want womyn who will join together to plan a Witch’s New Year celebration. (The Witch’s New Year happens midway between fall equinox and winter solstice and is an Earth holiday, often called Halloween, celebrated by many different cultures.)

The Uprising will be created by the women who come. There will be a place on the registration form for your workshop proposals and ideas for festivities and entertainment. We depend on your help in many other ways, including set up, security, food prep and cleanup.

The Uprising works by power-with and recognizes historical and current wrongs to all womyn. We welcome and encourage womyn of every generation, race, ethnic background, and class to attend, including those women re-identifying with being female. There will be opportunities for Womyn of Colors to meet privately. This is a radical feminist event. We are Lesbian-centered.

The XX Amazons’ Uprising organizers are Paula Mariedaughter, Susan Wiseheart, Sally Tatnall and Jeanne Neath. Many more, including local womyn from northwest Arkansas and from the first two Uprisings, are working on the 2021 Uprising.


We want this event to be as accessible as we can make it in every area (hearing, physical mobility, vision, illness from chemical exposures, money, allergies, and other barriers). We have a small number of wheelchair accessible rooms reserved for the Uprising. The venue permits service dogs and we welcome your service dog. We will do the best we can to make the Uprising accessible for you. The venue does have some access difficulties.

If you have an access issue (or more than one) let us know early if you would like to come. It will help us see if we can find solutions. We want you to come!

Meeting spaces and lodging are indoors, though we do have access to outdoor space for workshops.

We are staying aware of issues regarding COVID and will inform you as the situation develops.


The Uprising will take place in northwest Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains area. Our venue is located reasonably near the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA). There are shuttle services and other ground transport available at XNA that will take you to the venue. We may be able to provide rides from the airport for at least some women traveling by air.

Northwest Arkansas extends from the Missouri border south towards Springdale, Fayetteville and Ft. Smith. The Ozark Mountains offer a variety of outdoor activities, including a visit to the first National River, the Buffalo River, located east of the more populated areas. The mild temperatures of autumn in the Ozarks make hiking local trails and boating on area lakes enjoyable.

This is an ideal time to visit this corner of Arkansas. Attractions include the Museum of Native American History and the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art to the north. To the south is Devil’s Den State Park with caves to explore, horse and hiking trails, canoeing, and rental cabins.

The University of Arkansas campus is located in nearby Fayetteville. You’ll probably be interested to know that for a brief time in the late 1970s/early 80s there existed on campus a group of lesbian activists calling themselves Razordykes (after the UA Razorback sports teams). The university soon forced them to abandon their name.

Perhaps you’ll want to come early or stay several days after the Uprising to explore our beautiful hills and hollers, creeks and streams.


We will begin registration on August 15th. Since space is limited, we hope you will register early. Please make your plans to attend the entire Uprising, which will open on Thursday afternoon and end on Monday morning. We discourage part time attendance.

We recommend that you contact us now. We will need some information from you about your support for womxxn-only space before sending you the registration materials. See “Contact Us for More Information” below for instructions.


Our resources are limited. We appreciate your donations. Your donation will support the Uprising and enable womyn to attend. In recent years, thanks to donations small and large, we were able to make the Uprising very accessible for womyn with limited resources.

We are committed to having a sliding scale that slides down to zero ($0) and want to be able to provide as much travel assistance as we can. Your donation of any size will help make the Uprising economically accessible to women who otherwise would not be able to come.

Donate by check. Make check or money order payable to JEANNE NEATH (not to XX Amazons). Mail check to XX Amazons, P.O. Box 133, Fayetteville AR 72702 USA.

Donate by PayPal or credit card. PLEASE NOTE: you do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card with this Donate button.

Thank you for your support!


Contact us for more information

Because womxxn-only space is being attacked, we provide limited information about the Uprising in this public space. We will provide more information about the Uprising to womyn-born-womyn who actively support womxxn-only space after you contact us.

Please confirm in your inquiry that you are indeed both womyn-born and actively supporting womxxn-only space (in whatever ways you do it). Please tell us about your activities to support womxxn-only space. We ask this because we are concerned about security and safety for the event and participants. Please let us know where you learned about the Uprising and who told you about it.

We’d also like to know what interests you about the XX Amazons Uprising. What would you like to see happen at the event? Is there something you want to offer to the Uprising?

Mail: P.O. Box 133, Fayetteville AR 72702

The Uprising is a drug, alcohol, weapon, smoke and fragrance-free event. (The venue has set up a few designated smoking areas outside.)

Please spread the word about the Uprising using email, email lists and word of mouth. Please do not share information about this event on social media because of safety and security concerns. Please be cautious.