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Gender Critical Articles

The Elephant in the Room This article by Sue Donym explains that most male-born transgender persons are either feminine gay men or “autogynephiles,” heterosexual males sexually aroused by their fantasy of being female. According to Donym, “for autogynephiles, the LGBT community is viewed as a prop to achieve a sexual fantasy. The community is a means to an end — the end being getting off and living out their sexual fantasies.” Donym believes that these autogynephiles have colonized homosexual transgenders. “The vast majority of organizations for ‘transgender people’ are run by and for autogynephiles, who use homosexual transsexuals as political props but do not meaningfully include them.” From there they have gone on to colonize lesbian and gay groups.

Girl Dick, the Cotton Ceiling and the Cultural War on Lesbians and Women by Miranda Yardley From Miranda’s blog: “As comically ridiculous as it may seem of Zinnia Jones to be talking about his ‘girl dick’ or Riley Dennis suggesting it is ‘cissexist’ to be attracted to people with only one type of genital or that your dating preferences are an act of hate, or Roz Kaveney claiming that ‘trans women’s penises are not male penises’, don’t be fooled by the deep-rooted homophobia which lies at the heart of what these men are trying to do, which is to make it unacceptable for women to be able to set their own intimate and sexual boundaries. There is of course nothing new with heterosexual males trying to do this, the difference is this is being done under the flag of social progressivism and civil rights.”

Transgender Ideology Does Not Support Women by Miranda Yardley Miranda’s statement on “some of the things the things that transgender ideology needs to do so that it may support the lives of women….[T]hose who are transgender should learn to accept themselves how and as they are without shame and understand that the people they owe the most to, and can learn the most from, are women.”


Feminist-Transgender Debate

Transgender Identities: A 10 part Series published by The Economist As discussion about gender self-identification becomes heated, The Economist seeks to uphold the liberal value of open debate. “On one hand are some transgender people and activists, who advocate for “gender self-identification”: the belief that the world should take at face value a person’s declaration of their own gender identity. On the other are people who assert the primacy of biological sex; who fear the erosion of protections for women, including from male violence; or who see gender as a pernicious class system that maintains male supremacy and would like it done away entirely.”


Transgender Children?

When Children Say They’re Trans This long and well-researched article in The Atlantic explores the complexities involved when children and adolescents claim that they are transgender.

The Unspoken Homophobia Propelling the Transgender Movement in Children Excerpt: “Children will say they “are” the opposite sex because that’s the only language they have to express to adults that they want to do things the opposite sex does. Cross-sex behavior has also been shown to be a strong predictor of homosexuality in men. Previous research tells us that even children who are severe in their feelings of dysphoria will desist.”


Transgender Voices

My New Vagina Won’t Make Me Happy And it shouldn’t have to. This New York Times online opinion essay by Andrea Long Chu describes the dilemmas of living with gender dysphoria.